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TOPIC: Register of Surviving medals awarded to St John Ambulance Brigade

Re: Register of Surviving medals awarded to St John Ambulance Brigade 7 years 10 months ago #1168

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cannot add attachment, here is the listing (I hope):

St John Ambulance Brigade in South Africa: Surviving Medals

Total 241

Total 113

491 Ord North Staffs Corps Q B +

1412 Ord W Ackerley Hebden Bridge Corps
yes Q B +

313 S A Alexander B

489 Ord W Andison [Anderson] Leicester Corps
yes Q B

719 Ord J Ashby Great Eastern Railway Q B +

45 Ord A Ashman

1419 Ord W Ashworth Hebden Bridge Corps Q B

1689 Ord W H Atkinson Halifax Corps

1233 Ord E Baker Colne Division Q

1617 Ord H Ball Ironbridge Corps

1208 Ord P J Banting Q

William George Barnes N/A

1196 Ord W Barratt Oldham Corps yes Q

1145 S Offr J Barrett Dewsbury & Dist Corps
yes Q B

985 Ord F (P) Barrowclough Dewsbury B

1787 Ord H S Bastow Keithley Corps
yes Q

1047 Ord W Bateman Nelson Corps B +

0 Ch Supt H Beck Handsworth & Smethwick
Corps B

0 Pte E Beckley South Africa SJAB Q

939 Ord J Best Leeds Corps New Farnley
Div Q B

1144 S Offr R W Blanshard Barnoldswick Div Q B

1198 Ord A Boam Lincoln Division

1154 Ord C Boulthee Birchwood Corps Q

644 Ord J H Bowles Bradford Corps
yes B

1377 Ord C Bowren Q

1556 Ord G Brett Isle of Wight Corps

573 Ord J J Brewer Oldham Corps yes Q B

1884 Ord C Brierley Oldham Corps
yes Q

1079 Ord W H Britt Preston Corps Q B +

622 Ord J Burgess North Staffs Corps
yes B

1395 Ord F R Burne Q B +

844 Ord E A Caborn Oundel Division Q B

1581 Ord E Cartmell Whalley Division
yes Q

934 Ord L Challinor Oldham Corps B

1841 F Coldwell Dewsbury
yes B

65 Ord J Cooper Walton-le-Dale Division Q B

16680 Pte Charles Coster Metropolitan Corps
yes Q B +

1227 Ord H Cunliffe Nelson Corps yes Q

991 Ord H Daughtry Dewsbury

1868 Ord J H Dawson Leeds Corps Q B

686 Ord D J Dee Nelson Corps
yes Q B Split

886 Ord I Dickson Crewe yes Q

989 Ord William Dixon Dewsbury Corps
yes B

129 Ord R H Dixon Metropolitan Corps Q B

951 Ord R Dodgeson Nelson Corps
yes B

877 S Offr T Donnelly Blackpool Division Q B +

316 J F Down

768 Ord D H Drew Northampton Corps yes Q B

1084 Ord J Eastham Walton le Dale Division
yes Q B

43 Ord W H Edgcomb Metropolitan Corps Q B +

1224 Ord T Edmondson Preston Corps
Q B +

J Elam No.1 District yes B +

Brig Surg G S Elliston

287 R W Elwell Metropolitan Corps B

Pte Erased Leeds Corps
yes B

605 Ord T Evans Sheffield Corps Q

378 Ord A E Evans Handsworth & Smethwick
Corps yes Q

1384 Ord J W Faulkner Wellingborough Corps Q B +

15926 D Fearns

17 Ord F Field Dewsbury Division yes Q B (split)

557 Ord George Finding Birmingham Corps

1757 Ord A F Fisher Metropolitan Corps yes Q B

1315 Corporal W K or F K Fleming

152 Ord H G Foley Herne Bay Division yes - poor Q B +

827 Ord C W Fortune Bradford Corps

529 Ord Walter James Foster Preston Corps B+

193 Ord W Foster Oldham Corps
yes Q B & Q
193 Ord W Foster Oldham Corps yes Q B & Q
676 Ord F E Frith Bolton Corps
yes Q

1731 C Gallier B

279 Ord T H Garner Metropolitan Corps
yes Q

665 Ord J Gavan Manchester PO Division Q B +

874 Ord T Goddard Leicester Corps

125 Ord L Goldsworthy Metropolitan Corps yes Q

515 Ord C E Goodwin Metropolitan Corps
yes Q B +

226 Ord A S Gorham Ramsgate Corps yes Q

132 Ord F W Green Wellingborough Corps
yes Q C

911 Ord J Green Derby Div Q B +

N/A John S Griffiths No. 2 District
B +

1055 Ord F W Hadfield Bolton Corps Q B +

1465 Ord F Hague Oldham Corps
yes Q B

753 Ord H Haigh Hebden Bridge Corps yes Q B

502 A Hales Sheffield Corps

1175 Ord H Hall Oldham Corps yes Q B

700 Ord E Halstead Hebden Bridge Corps

1570 Offr T C Hamer Bolton Corps yes Q

946 Pte A C Hammon Metropolitan Corps
yes B

1514 Ord E Harding Isle of Wight Corps Q B

1639 Ord J Hargreaves Hapton Corps
yes Q

1803 Pte T Harrison Bolton Corps yes B

996 Ord G Hatch Rishton Corps
yes Q

430 Ord Ernest A Hawkins Metropolitan Corps Q B +

344 Ord T Hawley

594 Ord A Haygarth Colne Division Q B

1071 Ord R Hill Wellbeck Div (Lincoln)
yes - poor Q B

1645 W H Hinkley Bolton Corps yes Q

534 Ord R Hogg Preston Corps
yes Q

564 S Offr Gwilym Holden Birmingham Corps yes Q B

10 Ord W Holmes

1744 Ord J V Hoole Whalley Div Q B +

1241 Ord M Howarth Bolton Corps
yes Q

1322 S Offr Harry Garth Hunter Kendal Division yes Q B +

1321 S Offr Wm Sidney Inder Kendal Division
yes B

1425 Ord T Inskip Birchwood Corps Q

1174 S Offr H Jackson Oldham Corps
yes Q B

905 Ord E G Jackson Derby Division yes Q B

629 Ord David Jackson Burnley Division
yes Q B

1184 S Offr A Johnson Oldham Corps yes Q

1681 Offr W Johnson Northampton Corps

1403 Ord F Johnson Doncaster Division Q B

524 Ord John Jolly Blackpool Division

113 S Offr Malcolm E Jonas Metropolitan Corps yes Q K B +

1847 Pte H Jones Leicester Corps

1768 Ord T Jones B

1365 Ord Thomas Kay Preston Corps
yes Q B +

156 Ord A Kew Accrington Corps Q B

1165 Ord P Kitchen Leeds Corps
yes Q

793 Ord G Knight Metropolitan Corps yes -poor Q

1368 Ord W Knowles Preston Corps
yes Q B +

6 Ord T Lamb Hull Corps yes Q B +

1443 Ord J W Lancaster Accrington Corps
yes B

333 2 Cl Ord C W Lane Isle of Wight Corps yes Q B +

1222 Ord W Lee Preston Corps
yes Q

1879 Ordly S Lees Oldham Corps yes B

293 E K Lewis

1147 Ord J Long Dewsbury B

14 Ord E Maden Nelson Corps
yes Q

774 Ord E A Maitland Metropolitan Corps yes -poor Q B +

1828 Ord H Maltby Welbeck Division
yes Q

1178 Ord W Marsden Oldham Corps yes B Q B (Split)

422 Ord A L Martin Oldham Corps
Q B +

667 Ord C McBride B

C D Meakins
Q B +

984 Ord W M Measures Crewe yes Q

15833 Pte G Mellor Whalley Bridge Corps
yes Q B

1268 Ord J T Mellor Whalley Bridge Division yes Q

1559 Ord G H T Miller Ramsgate Corps
yes B

15932 T Millichip Ironbridge Corps B

1027 Ord E A Milliechamp Oldham Corps
yes Q

1816 Ord J A Mitchell Bolton Corps yes Q

972 Ord W R Moffitt Reading Division
Q B +

635 Ord E Mondy Nelson Corps Q B

614 Ord T Morley Metropolitan Corps
yes Q B

1254 Ord James Edwin Morris Q B +

1594 Ord J Mortimer Oldham Corps
Q B +

1738 Pte G E Mott Metropolitan Corps Q split B +

785 Ord Will H Murray Kendal Division

290 N R Murray Metropolitan Corps Q

1292 Pte J Northcote Metropolitan Corps
yes Q B +

755 Ord W Nowell Hebden Bridge Corps yes Q B

1135 Ord James Nutter Blackpool Division

397 Ord A Okins Wellingborough Corps yes Q B

1436 Ord J W Osborne Bury Corps
yes Q

871 Ord J T O'Shea Leicester Corps B

7 Ord A N Panter Keswick Division
Q B +

1481 Ord E Pearman Derby Division B

16596 Pte Anthony Pearson Preston Corps
yes Q B

887 Ord H Peck Birmingham Corps Q

114 S Offr William Pegley Metropolitan Corps
yes Q

1183 Ord H Platt Oldham Corps yes B

1502 Ord J Pomfret Rishton Division
yes Q

Dist Secty William H Pontin

Chief Surg F M Pope Leicester Corps

410 Ord W Potts Oldham Corps yes Q B

499 Ord John Price Sheffield Corps
yes Q B

1676 Ord Charles John Rainbow Handsworth & Smethwick yes Q B
1286 Ord F Ramsey Leeds Corps

1335 Ord D Rawlinson Radcliffe Division Q B

51 Ord Wallace Robert Richardson Metropolitan Corps
Q B +

16546 R Roberts Kettering Corps B

850 Ord John W Robinson

1171 Ord F Robinson Leeds Corps Q B

922 Ord J F W Rolfe

875 Ord H Rushby Leicester Corps Q B +

1856 Ord Charles Orton Russell Bradford Corps
yes Q B +

364 Ord A Sanders North Staffs Corps Q +

133 Ord John W Sawford Wellingborough Corps

1285 Ord T Schofield Haslingden Corps Q B +

203 Ord H Scofield Oldham Corps
yes Q

411 Ord J J Shackleton Oldham Corps yes Q B

538 Ord W Sharples Walton-le-Dale Division
yes Q

1057 Ord C F Shaw B

233 Ord J W Shenton Leeds Corps
yes Q B

1108 Ord J Shipton Birmingham Corps yes Q B +

1850 Ord GH Simons Leicester Corps

220 Ord W Smith Metropolitan Corps Q B +

62 Ord R C Smith Market Harborough
Division B

255 Ord C W R Smith Market Harborough yes Q
208 Ord C H Smith Ironbridge Corps
yes - poor Q

808 Ord W R Smith Oldham Corps yes Q

1461 Ord F Smith Oldham Corps
yes B

1016 Ord J P Smith Sheffield Corps yes Q B

370 Ord Walter Robert Speechley Kettering Corps
yes Q B +

562 Ord A Stafford Birmingham Corps B

1332 Ord J Stansfield Royton Division
yes Q B

595 Ord J Stephenson Colne Division Q B +

615 Ord J Stone Metropolitan Corps
yes Q

127 Ord W H Stone Metropolitan Corps Q C B +

1487 Ord A Sutherland Leeds Corps

153 Ord Luther Tarlton Birchwood Corps Q B +

817 Ord George Taylor
Q +

1452 Ord Wilfred Taylor Accrington Corps Q

453 Ord A F Taylor Rushden
yes - poor Q

1647 Ord R Taylor Edenfield Division Q B

1223 Ord Charles H Thew Preston Corps
yes Q +

331 Pte W G Thomas Ebbw Vale Div Q B +

556 Ord F Thomas Birmingham Corps
Q B +

D Ch Surg George Thompson No. 4 District yes B +

239 Ord W A Thompson Wellingborough Corps
yes Q B +

434 Ord E Thorneycroft Metropolitan Corps yes Q

1702 Ord William Thornton Crewe Division

715 Ord A H Tincomb Great Western Railway Q B+

1232 Ord J Titterington

277 Ord B P Trant Metropolitan Corps Q B +

1475 Ord G Tunstall Haslingden Corps
Q B +

829 Ord A Walker Dewsbury yes Q

943 Ord J Walker Clitheroe Division
yes B

969 Ord G F W Walker Dudley Corps Q B +

580 Ord G Walmesley Bolton Corps
yes Q

568 Ord W Walmsley Bolton Corps Q B

262 Ord W J Warner Wellingborough Corps

1434 Ord S Warren Bury Division B

606 Ord E Watson Belper Division

1088 Ord H C Webb Haverhill Division B +

324 R Webber

860 Ord A White Kettering Corps Q B +

1295 S.Sergt J S Whiteham Burnley Division
Q B +

1140 Ord J H Whiteley Barnoldswick Corps yes Q

899 Ord F Whittle Bolton Corps
yes Q B

1041 Ord H Wildman Foulridge (sic) Div. yes -poor Q B +

1834 Ord A G Wilkins Bury Corps
yes Q

134 Ord B E Wills Kettering Corps Q

1359 Ord J Wood

1472 Ord W Wood Oldham Corps yes Q

1643 Ord J R Wood Whalley Bridge Corps
Q B +

27 S Offr John Thomas Woods Ipswich Corps yes Q B +

914 Ord R H Woolner Derby Corps

1230 Ord Leonard Wrathall Burnley Division Q K B

1100 Ord W Wright Leicester Corps
yes Q B Split

841 W Yates Preston Corps Q

16901 E Zealander
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Re: Register of Surviving medals awarded to St John Ambulance Brigade 6 years 2 months ago #11761

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I have the medals of Thomas (Tom) Wardley - given directly to me by his granddaughter - a good friend of mine.

QSA (loose bars CC, OFS, Tvl) - 155 Orderly T.C. Wardley StJAB
KSA (01, 02) – 25355 Private T. C. Wardley Cape MSO
StJAB – 155 Private T. C. Wardley Worksop division
Named medallion presented to T.C. Wardley by subscribers of Worksop to “commemorate services rendered in South Africa 1899-1902”

Photo attached of him at his sons wedding. On his left
is his younger daughter, Margaret (Mag). To his right is his son George Wardley. Next to the right is Tom's wife Maria
Elizabeth Wardley. Far right is Tom's eldest daughter, Marie.

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Re: Register of Surviving medals awarded to St John Ambulance Brigade 6 years 2 months ago #11767

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That's a nice group of medals. It is not that common to see the StJAB Medal alongside the KSA. Often it is just the QSA and StJABM.

His KSA is, I believe, named to the Cape MSC (Medical Staff Corps). You can see his entry in the Nominal roll on this page ( www.angloboerwar.com/unit-information/so...rps?showall=&start=1 ) and his forenames Thomas Cowlishaw.

Kind regards
Dr David Biggins

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