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 Unit   QSA roll (WO100)   KSA roll (WO100)   Enrolment (WO126)   Nominal roll (WO127)   Notes 
Britstown Town Guard280---
Burgher PoliceSee Farmer's Guard
Burghers Camps Department371---
Burghersdorp DMT280-145-163-
Burghersdorp TG280-145-163-
Bushmanland Borderers238358153
Bushveldt CarabineersSee Pietersburg Light Horse
Cala Mounted Native Levies280---
Cala Town Guard280---
Caledon DMT280---
Calvinia TG -145-163-
Campbell TG280---
Camperdown and District Rifle Association280---
Canadian Scouts287-16-174
Cape Colonial Defence Department239---
Cape Colonial Defence Force23935818,24-27, 29, 145-16-
Cape Colonial Forces23935818,24-27, 29, 145-16-
Cape Colonial Ordnance Department239---
Cape Colonial Pay Department239---
Cape Colony Cyclist Corps23935819-224
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