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 Unit   QSA roll (WO100)   KSA roll (WO100)   Enrolment (WO126)   Nominal roll (WO127)   Notes 
Cape Garrison Artillery240359--
Cape Government Railways279---
Cape Infantry28035924-27-
Cape Medical Staff Corps240359235
Cape Mounted Rifles241---
Cape Peninsula Regiment -24-27 and 145-163-
Cape Police240359--
Cape Railway Sharpshooters270365127-129-
Cape Town Highlanders241360--
Cape Town Town Guard -24-27 and 145-163-
Carnarvon DMT280---
Carnarvon Town Guard
Cathcart DMT280-145-163-
Cathcart Special Mounted Police280---
Cathcart TG280-145-163-
Cattle Ranger's Corps241360285
Ceres TG280---
Chinese Regiment of Infantry371---
Christiana DMR280---
Clanwilliam Convoy Guard280360-22
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