(463 Records)

 Unit   QSA roll (WO100)   KSA roll (WO100)   Enrolment (WO126)   Nominal roll (WO127)   Notes 
Clanwilliam TG280---
Claremont TG -24-27-
Clarke's Light Horse239---
Colesburg DMT239-145-163-
Colesburg TG280-145-163-
Colonial Light Horse2423604452nd DEOVR
Colonial Officials279---
Colonial Scouts242-306
Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard24336031-346
Composite Cyclist Corps243---
Concordia TG280---See Namaqualand TG
Cookhouse TG280-145-163-
Corps of Guides
Cradock TG280-145-163-
Criminal Investigation Department371---
Cullinan's Horse243360-6
Cyphergat TG280---
Damant's Horse24436035AD 36EJ 37KQ 38RZ7
Daniel's Kuil TG281---
Darling TG281---
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