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SegallJosephOf Russian birth, he served with merit as a scout during the Boer War. Boer Forces
SerfonteinJan LodewykArtilleristAwarded the ABO. BloemfonteinBoer Forces
SlegkampHenri Frederick JosephCaptainBorn in 1873 in Holland, he served during the Boar War and gained prominence as a guerilla fighter. He died in 1851. Boer Forces
SmidtJohan FrederickBurgerAwarded the LVW & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmitAbraham RheynhardtLieutenantAwarded the DTD & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmitCornelius JohannesSersantAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmitHendrik FrederickArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmitWillem Jacobus BurgerAwarded the LVW & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmithCarel Van der MerveArtilleristAwarded the ABO. Comdt. ConroyBoer Forces
SmithJohannes JacobusSersantAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmutsJan ChristiaanGeneralHe was born in Riebeeck West in the Cape in 1870. He studied law at Cambridge University and practiced in Johannesburg. He was appointed State Attorney of the ZAR by President Kruger. During the Boer War war, he displayed a remarkable military ability and his tactical skills were illustrated in the guerrilla phase, when he made raids into Cape Colony. In February 1902, he laid siege to O'kiep. He participated in the peace talks where he represented the Transvaal. After the war he campaigned for the establishment of the Union of South Africa and served as Minister of Defence upon its creation. In February 1916, he was appointed to command forces in German East Africa with the rank as Lieutenant General. After nearly a year, he travelled to Europe to serve in the Imperial Defence Cabinet. He served as Prime Minister of South Africa throughout the Second World War, and was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal in the British Army. He died in 1950. Boer Forces
SmutsStephanus Johannes N.BurgerAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SmutsTobiasGeneralHe was born in 1861 in the Transvaal. He became a Commandant in the Ermelo Commando. By 1899 he represented Ermelo in the Volksraad. During the Boer War, he fought in the Battle of Modder Spruit as a burgher, at Colenso as an Assistant Commandant, and at Spion Kop and on the Tugela as a General. He then served as Assistant Commandant General of the Transvaal forces. He also saw action at Brandfort, Diamond Hill and in the Eastern Transvaal. He was demoted to burgher in 1901 for burning the village of Bremmersdorp in Swaziland contrary to orders. He continued at this reduced rank until the end of the war. After the war, he returned to farming. He died in 1916. Boer Forces
SnymanChristiaan GeorgSers/Maj.Awarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
SnymanGert Christoffel E.ArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
SnymanGert Johannes ChristoffelBurgerAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SnymanJ PGeneralSnyman was born in 1838. He started the Boer War as Commandant of the Zeerust Commando, and later became a General of the Rustenburg and Marico burghers. He served at Mafeking under General Cronje. When Cronje's left the area on 18 November 1899, Snyman took command of the Boer forces around Mafeking. History sees him as a lacklustre commander. After the siege, he moved to the Pretoria area and took part in the battle of Diamond Hill. He was stripped of his rank after the Diamond Hill engagement. Boer Forces
SnymanLukas AndreasArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
SnymanPhillipus CorneliusKorporalAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
SteenLeendert LambertusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
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