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HertzogJames Barry MunnikGeneralHe was born near Wellington in 1866 and spent his early years in a Kimberley mining camp. He studied law at Stellenbosch and was awarded a doctorate by the University of Amsterdam. He practised law in Pretoria and rose to become a Free State Supreme Court Judge. In 1899, he acted as the legal advisor to the commandos in the Free State. He commanded the OFS Artillery and was appointed a General in June 1900. He was very active between December 1900 and February 1901 leading raids into Cape Colony. The use of guerrilla tactics was ascribed to Hertzog. By May 1902 he was second in command of the Free State Boers. His legal training made him an ideal representative at the peace negotiations at Vereeniging. He became a Cabinet Minister in the Union Government in 1910. He started the National Party and was Prime Minister in 1924 for a period of 15 years. In 1939 he refused to declare war on Nazi Germany and resigned when he was defeated in office. He died on his farm in 1942. Boer Forces
HoffmanDr Jonas MatthiasAt the time of his death was Member of the Cape House of Assembly for the Paarl, and one of the leaders of the Bond. He was with the Boer forces in the Boer War (1899-1902), and he openly referred to the British forces in the Cape House of Assembly as 'the enemy'. He was last returned to the House in Feb, 1904. Boer Forces
HoffmanJohannes LodewickusBurgerAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
HornMagiel ChristiaanArtilleristAwarded the ABO. Gen. KempBoer Forces
JacobsHendrik Lambert AndriesArtilleristAwarded the ABO. JohannesburgBoer Forces
JacobsJacobus JohannesArtilleristAwarded the ABO. PretoriaBoer Forces
JacobsJohannes LodewickusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
JacobsNicholaas JacobusBurgerAwarded the ABO. O.V.S. ArtillerieBoer Forces
JonasPhilip AlbertSersantAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
JordaanZacharias StephanesBurgerAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
JoubertPietrus JacobusGeneral1831 was the year of his birth in Cango near Prince Albert in the Cape. He took part in the Great Trek in 1838 with Piet Retief's party into Natal. From Natal, his family moved north to the Transvaal. In 1866 he represented Wakkerstroom in the Volksraad. He served in the First Anglo Boer War as Commandant General for the Transvaal. He defeated Sir George Colley at Laing's Nek and Majuba Hill in 1881. He suppressed the Swazis in 1895 and captured the Jameson Raiders in 1897. He had become Vice President of the Transvaal in 1896. At the commencement of the Boer War his role was as it had been for 14 years, Commandant General of the Boer forces, a position he had held since 1885. His position meant that he had an instrumental role in directing the early operations. During the Battle of Ladysmith re refused to follow up the British withdrawal saying "if the Lord extends a finger, do not take the whole hand". He advanced into Natal but halted further incursion after the battle of Willow Grange. He was injured in a fall from his horse. Command was passed to Louis Botha. He died in Pretoria in March 1900 and was buried on his farm Rustfontein near Alleman's Nek. Creswicke says of him "He was of Huguenot descent, which may have accounted for his civilised attitude as statesman and politician, and the wide views which some of his countrymen failed to appreciate. The General was an inveterate smoker and a shrewd thinker. He had been to England several times, and knew better than his compatriots the risk of embroiling himself with a mighty nation. Nevertheless he went into the field as a brave man, determined to meet the inevitable—fighting."Boer Forces
JoyceT.W.Sers/Maj.Awarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
JoyceWilliam RobeyArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
JudelowitzHermanusCommandantA Jewish storekeeper by profession who joined the Cape rebels in 1900. He was elected Commandant after the relief of Mafeking. He was killed near Kheis. Boer Forces
KahtsJoachim FrederickKorporalAwarded the LVW & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
KampJanBorn in 186 in Holland, he trained and worked as a teacher. After working as a journalist, he emigrated to Pretoria in 1897 and continued writing until the War broke out. Having spent 3 years in the field, he became editor of Het Westen in Potchefstroom, and in 1915 editor of Ons Vaderland in Pretoria. He was an authority on the Afrikaans language and was a leading member of the Suid-Afrikaans Akademie. He died in Potchefstroom in 1923 Boer Forces
KestellPhilipTook part in the war of 1899-02 as Chaplain to General de Wet. He was captured by the British, and was detained in their camp during the action at Graspan, when it was alleged by the Continental Press that the British placed Boer women in front as cover to their troops. Mr Kestell escaped, and attended Mr Steyn on his wanderings from place to place during stages of the war. He also acted as one of the Secretaries at the Peace Conference at Vereeniging. His book Through Shot and Flame, needless to say, contains not even a hint of the Graspan incident referred to above. Boer Forces
KeulemansPeterBurgerAwarded the ABO. O.V.S. ArtillerieBoer Forces
KlijnhansJohannes AdolphArtilleristAwarded the LVW & ABO. Gen. De la ReyBoer Forces
KlynhansErens LodewikusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
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