A six pointed silver star with small balls at the end of each point and a raised circular centre which has the inscription 'KIMBERLEY 1899-1900' and the Kimberley town shield.  The reverse is flat and has the inscription 'MAYOR'S SIEGE MEDAL 1900'.  The ornate suspender is sewn directly to the ribbon and attached to the star by a small metal ring.  The top edge of the ribbon has a silver clasp.  The ribbon is 1" wide with a black left stripe, yellow right stripe and three narrower equal stripes of red, white and blue in the centre.

The Kimberley Star was awarded by the Town Council and therefore is not an official award and cannot be worn on the uniform with official campaign medals.

Approximately 5,000 stars were awarded.  There is no roll of recipients.

The announcement of the Kimberley Medal (as it was called) is from the Illustrated London News, 15 June 1901.

Two Kimberley Stars were struck in gold.

Kimberley Star
Announcement of the Kimberley Star in the Illustrated London News
Medals to Pte A Knowles, KTG
Group to Gunner George Nelson, RGA. Spink Apr 12
Union of South Africa MSM group to Jameson raider SSM F. K. “Paddy” Ryan. DNW Feb 2016
DoK group to Pte W Sharrock, Cape Police. DNW Sep 12

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