Was in Natal at the commencement of the war.  Present at Talana Hill, 20th October 1899 (see 1st Leicester Regiment and 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers), and along with the 67th and 69th did splendid work, but unfortunately the artillery that day made two mistakes, as stated by 'The Times' historian.  They continued to shell the ridge at about 1500 yards after it was occupied by our own troops, and they did not shell the retreating Boers,—having been humbugged by a wretched white flag, to which no attention should have been paid so long as the Boers moved a foot.  This battery, the 21st, and 53rd did particularly good work at Lombard's Kop on 30th October (see 1st Liverpool Regiment), especially in covering the retirement of Grim wood's brigade.  Major Dawkins was mentioned in General White's despatches of 2nd December 1899 and 23rd March 1900.  The battery was with Hildyard in the taking of Vanwyk's Hill and the other actions for the turning of Laing's Nek, and in Lord Roberts' telegram of 30th July 1900 they were said to have distinguished themselves at Amersfoort on 25th July.  One officer was mentioned in General Buller's final despatch.  In 1901 the battery was chiefly occupied in escorting convoys from the railway to Wakkerstroom, Piet Retief, and posts in the South-East Transvaal (see York and Lancaster Regiment).

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