• the War Office Act reorganised the War Office.  The various sections of the War Department were brought together
  • the Commander in Chief became subordinate to the Secretary for War
  • the Army Enlistment Act fixed the term of enlistment to 12 years, part on active service and part on reserve.  Before this, enlistment was for life
  • overseas service was limited to six years.  This was to be followed by six years in the reserve
  • the Martini-Henry rifle became the infantry's standard weapon



  • purchasing of Commissions was abolished
  • selection and promotion of officers on merit
  • flogging in peacetime in the Royal Navy was suspended



  • each regiment was to have two linked battalions.  One would serve overseas and one would serve at home
  • Britain was divided into 69 districts, each with its own county regiment.  The regiment was to bear the county name
  • it was hoped to boost recruitment by attaching regiments to local areas



  • flogging in war time was suspended in the Royal Navy



  • flogging was abolished in the army
  • regular and militia battalions were amalgamated into territorial regiments with local names and local depots


# Pte Thomas Walker SedmanCPL_AWF 2013-06-27 23:39
He was a relative of mine by marriage. he was born in Pickering, N.Yorkshire 28/07/1849. When he was 12 he became a boy soldier in the 21st Lancers who we stationed nearby. At 18 on 16th December 1867 he enlisted in the 6th Regiment Royal (Inniskilling) Dragoon Guards, who later were known as Hussars.
The regiment were based in Ireland for many years at Dundalk. I understand from family that the last entry in his army record book 4th March 1889. What that entry was I do not know , but it could have been his demob date. Is it possible that his regiment served in Africa in the 1st Boer War?
# RE: British Regiments in 1881Spence 2016-11-16 14:38
I'm trying to find my great grandfathers info On his headstone it gives these letters
He was born in 1853 and died in Canada in 1937 Any help would be appreciated
Thank you
Nancy Thompson
# RE: British Regiments in 1881walton1958 2017-01-18 23:26
Trooper 27200 Robert William Walton Imperial Yeomanary 4th Battalion 41st Squad, joined 31 January 1901 discharge 9 November 1901 (explanation no longer fit for service).

Birth Hexhamshire, Northumberland March 1868 death Blackhill Consett Durham 1930 son of Edward and Annie Walton of 2. Tyne View Terrace, Hexham, Northumberland.

Any information you could supply me would be of great help Robert William Walton was my Grandfather's eldest brother.

David Walton


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