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Hampstead's Roll of Honour 1 year 10 months ago #61264

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This is the Small Hall, in what was Hampstead Town Hall, but is now occupied by Wac Arts. The roll is no longer in its original position - that was in the ground floor lobby - and it was unveiled on Friday 27th March 1903, after being erected in the town hall three weeks earlier. Interestingly, the roll wasn't finally completed until Monday 2nd January 1905, with the addition of another two panels containing the names of more Hampstead men. Very diligent and praiseworthy of Hampstead Council to take so much effort to complete it. In those days, Hampstead was a Metropolitan Borough in the County of London.


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Hampstead's Roll of Honour 1 year 10 months ago #61267

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I've transcribed the names, and have tried to find a few details on some of the men. I make no claim as to the accuracy of the info below, and will edit them if there are any corrections.

Panel 1

Bell, A. H. - possibly Lieutenant Arthur Hugh Bell Royal Engineers
Besant, P. E. - P. E. Besant Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Castle-Smith, H. - H. Castle-Smith City Imperial Volunteers
Coleman, G. B. - possibly 37 Squadron Sergeant Major George Burdett Coleman 1st Scottish Horse
Colleton, Sir R. A. W. Bart., C.B. - Lieutenant Colonel Sir R. A. W. Colleton Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Dick, W.
Dorrell, E. A. - Captain Edmund Arthur Dorrell 6th (Staffordshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Dyke, G. J.
Elam, H. W. T. - Lieutenant H. W. T. Elam 68th Battery Royal Field Artillery Severely wounded at Dewetsdorp, 23.11.1900 Also named on the Willesden roll of honour
Field, O.
Field, T. - possibly Lieutenant T. Field 5th (Warwickshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Fitzgibbon, J. A.
Gordon, L. G. F. D.S.O. - Major Laurence George Frank Gordon D.S.O., mentioned in despatches Royal Artillery
Grosvenor, F. I.
Haag, E. C. - Captain & Brevet Major Emil Carl Haag 18th Hussars Severely wounded at Tweefontein, 25.12.1901 ghgraham.org/text/emilcarlhaag1868.html
Herklots, G. A. - G. A. Herklots Civil Surgeon
Ironside, R. A.
Ironside, R. W.
Johnson, E. D.
Jourdain, E. N. - Ernest Nevill Jourdain 1st Suffolk Regiment
Moeller, B. - Lieutenant Bernhardt Adolph William Charl Moeller Middlesex Regiment Died, of wounds received in action at Kaffirspruit, on 19.12.1901, at Standerton, 23.12.1901
Molyneaux, E. M. J. D.S.O. - Captain Edward Marie Joseph Molyneux D.S.O. Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
Muller, L. C. H. - 13308 Squadron Sergeant Major Louis C. H. Muller 68th (Paget's Horse) Imperial Yeomanry
Palmer, A. E.
Reid, A. D.S.O. - Captain Alexander Reid D.S.O., mentioned in despatches City Imperial Volunteers
Roberts, H.
Rowan, C. - possibly Lieutenant Culloden Rowan 26th (Dorsetshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Shaw, P. C. - Lieutenant Percy Costello Shaw Royal Munster Fusiliers Died of enteric at Bloemfontein, 28.5.1900
Slaughter, E. J. - Lieutenant E. J. Slaughter 111th (Yorkshire Dragoons) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Slaughter, R. J.

Panel 2

Smith, J. H.
Stallard, F. C. F. - 89 Sergeant F. Charles Frampton Stallard City Imperial Volunteers, Paget's Horse
Stutfield, P. L. - 8334 Sergeant Phillip Lowry Stutfield 49th (Montgomeryshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Stutfield, M.
Walker, F. E.
Waters, R. S. - possibly R. S. Waters 2nd Manchester Regiment
Watson, S. T.
Wood, A. E. B. - Lieutenant Surgeon A. E. B. Wood Imperial Yeomanry
Burnaby, H. B. D.S.O. - Captain Hugo Beaumont Burnaby D.S.O., mentioned in despatches 1st Battalion Imperial Yeomanry Killed in action, 8.9.1916 www.dnw.co.uk/auction-archive/past-catal...id=187&lot_id=187039
Nicholas, J.
Reilly, W. E.
Sergeantson, R. L. - Lieutenant Robert Leonard Sergeantson Imperial Yeomanry
Brooks, P. W.
Castle-Smith, M.
McGregor, R. S.
Meggitt, H.
Palmer, Reg - possibly Lieutenant Reginald Palmer Steinaecker's Horse
Ball, R. E. C.

Aitchison, J. G.
Argles, C. A. C. - 34372 Lance Corporal Claude Arthur Argles 97th (Metropolitan Mounted Rifles) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Arnold, J.
Aslett, C./G.
Baber, R. M.
Baber, W. E.
Baber, Alb.
Baber, Alf.
Balleras, E. O. - 33972 Trooper Edward Balleras 87th (Rough Riders) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Bannard, F. P. - possibly F. R. Bannard 1st Yorkshire Regiment
Bannard, H. A. - possibly Arthur Bannard 2nd Imperial Light Horse

Panel 3

Bannard, C. T.
Barnes, T.
Bateman, G.
Beckwith, S. H. - 324 Trooper Sydney Harry Beckwith 2nd Imperial Light Horse
Bence, E. G. - E. G. Bence City Imperial Volunteers
Bennett, G. C.
Besant, G. B. - 20209 Lance Corporal Geoffrey Barham Besant 44th (Suffolk) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Betjemann, A. - 14541 Private Arthur Betjemann Imperial Yeomanry
Bingham, C. W.
Bingle, F. G. - 1412 Private F. Bingle 2nd Royal Fusiliers Died of wounds at Ladysmith, 24.2.1900
Bird, W. T.
Blake, W.
Bland, W. G.
Blatchley, J. S. - possibly 3245 Sergeant J. Blatchley 9th Lancers Wounded 16.2.1900
Blumfeld, S. - S. Blumfeld City Imperial Volunteers
Blyth, W. E. T. - 6359 Private W. E. T. Blyth 34th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry Died of enteric at Winburg, 12.1.1901
Bolton, F. A.
Bosley, W.
Bowen, T. C. - possibly 33318 Trooper Thomas Charles Bowen 1st Scottish Horse
Brander, R. H. - 6196 Sapper R. H. Brander Royal Engineers
Brooke, F. R.
Burt, W.
Caraher, H. R. J. - H. Caraher 4th King's Royal Rifle Corps
Carlton, H. D. - 13009 Trooper Herbert Dudley Carlton 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Chandler, L. F. - 5858 Private Leslie Francis Chandler 41st (Hampshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Clark, W. E.
Clarke, C. T.
Clarvis, S. C. P. - 1269 Corporal C. S. Clarvis 1st Scots Guards Wounded at Magersfontein, 11.12.1899
Clough, A. C.
Cloutte, A. H. - 15691 Private Alfred Harry Cloutte Imperial Yeomanry
Coffin, H. S. - 27698 Trooper Henry Stephen Coffin Imperial Yeomanry
Coish, F. R. - 31691 Trooper Fred Richard Coish 44th (Suffolk) Company Imperial Yeomanry

Panel 4

Collins, J. E.
Cohn, H. O. - H. O. Cohn City Imperial Volunteers
Constance, E. W.
Cooper, M. H. A. - 34335 Private Malcolm Harold Armstrong Cooper 53rd (Royal East Kent) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Courtney, H. W. - possibly 8019 2nd Corporal H. W. Courtney Royal Engineers
Crandley, W. - 7111 Private W. Crandley 6th Middlesex Regiment
Croker, W. H.
Cullen, T. F.
Dale, J. C.
Davey, F.
Davis, L. F.
Dawson, L. H. - 27609 Private L. H. Dawson 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Dawson, A. H. - A. H. Dawson City Imperial Volunteers
Deacon, H. C. l. - possibly 23135 Trooper Henry Charles Dawson 82nd (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Debenham, A. H. - 22755 Private A. H. Debenham 25th (West Somerset) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Domond, C. T.
Donoghue, D.
Drake, E.
Eals, W.
Eburn, E. - 3788 Private E. Eburn 1st Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Wounded at Paardeberg, 18.2.1900
Elam, H. S. - 20848 Trooper Horace Shrofield Elam 27th (Devonshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Elliott, W. T.
Elwin, H. J. - 31769 Private H. J. Elwin 34th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Ely, W.
Evans, C. M.
Farrant, W. G.
Fensom, W. H. - W. H. Fensom City Imperial Volunteers
Fitzgerald, J. H.
Foreman, W. J.
Fraser, W. A.
Gardener, H. R.
Gill, G.
Gill, A. T.

Panel 5

Gillard, B. C.
Goodenough, C.
Gosling, H. C.
Gosling, A. G. - possibly 2545 Private A. G. Gosling 1st Yorkshire Regiment Died of disease at Bloemfontein, 10.5.1900
Green, A. A. - possibly 6277 Sergeant Arthur Aaron Green 34th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Griffin, A. W.
Gulliver, E. W. - 31058 Private Ernest Walter Gulliver 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Halford, G. E. - 1147 Private G. E. Halford City Imperial Volunteers Died of enteric at Karee, 15.5.1900
Hallworth, J.
Hanks, H. W.
Hanscomb, A. F. - 20368 Trooper A. F. Hanscomb 106th (Staffordshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Harris, D.
Hartung, L. - 4287 Corporal L. Hartung 1st Gordon Highlanders Wounded at Doorn Kop, 29.5.1900, and struck by lightning, 31.1.1901
Hatherall, S. F.
Havill, E. C. - 7180 Corporal E. C. Havill 2nd Middlesex Regiment
Hawkins, R. P. - possibly 25168 Private Robert Philip Hawkins 62nd (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Hayes, J. W.
Haynes, W. J.
Haywood, W. L.
Hecker, C. - Hacker?
Henley, J. G. - possibly J. G. Henley 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment
Hewetson, F. E. A.
Hill, H. J.
Hillhouse, C./G.
Hills, J. S. - J. S. Hills City Imperial Volunteers
Hiscock, H.
Hobbs, J. H. L.
Hodder, A. E.
Hodgson, F. R. - possibly 6381 Trooper F. R. Hodgson 35th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Holiday, H. J. - possibly H. J. Holliday 2nd Cheshire Regiment
Honeycombe, A. - 2026 Trooper A. Honeycombe 2nd Life Guards
Honour, E. J. - possibly F. J. Honour Royal Navy H.M.S. "Powerful"

Panel 6

Hudson, C. E. - possibly C. E. Hudson City Imperial Volunteers
Hunt, M.
Hunt, W. R.
Hyde, E. H. - possibly 926 Sergeant Ernest H. Hyde Roberts' Horse
Hyde, W. ?.
Jacobs, J. - possibly also named on the Willesden roll of honour
Johnston, A. A.
Jones, P. A.
Jones, W.
Jourdain, F. N. - 13045 Trooper Frederic Neville Jourdain 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Keith, A. R.
King, G. H.
Knighton, W. W.
Lainghbury, C. J.
Lancaster, S. C.
Lanyon, E. - possibly 85 Lance Corporal Edward Lanyon Loch's Horse
Larkin, F. C.
Lawlor, A.
Lawlor, E./F.
Lawrence, G.
Lintott, H.
Lintott, J. W. - 27237 Private John William Lintott 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
List, P.
Lister, H. R.
Littlewood, T. J.
Lunn, L. B.
Mackloskey, R. F.
Maclure, J. K. - 6904 Lance Corporal John Kilpatrick Maclure 44th (Suffolk) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Mansbridge, L. B.
Manser, W. T.
Marsden, C. G.
Marshall, J. A.
Matthews, C.

Panel 7

Moeller, A. H. - A. H. Moeller City Imperial Volunteers
Moore, S.
Moore, C.
Mothersole, E.
Newman, H.
Norman, H. W. - possibly 32836 Private H. W. Norman 91st (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry Killed in action, 20.12.1901
North, E. C.
Packham, A. E.
Palmer, R.
Parker, W. J.
Parsons, H. S.
Payne, C. T.
Pinnock, R.
Pitchforth, F.
Pitchforth, H. - possibly H. Pitchforth 1st Northumberland Fusiliers
Pitt, P. H. - P. H. Pitt City Imperial Volunteers
Pointer, J. W.
Porter, E. P. - possibly Edmund Philip Porter South African Constabulary
Poulton, F. C.
Priest, F. C.
Pritchard, A.
Putwain, A. E. - 4582 Private A. Putwain 16th Lancers
Ransley, F. J. - F. J. Ransley City Imperial Volunteers
Ransley, C. E. J. - 8422 Private C. E. J. Ransley 2nd Middlesex Regiment
Rathbone, H. A. - possibly 4781 Private H. A. Rathbone 12th Lancers
Raworth, C. - possibly 24687 Private Cecil Raworth 63rd (Wiltshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Reyner, B. St. J. B. - 22280 Trooper Basil St. John Bishop Reyner 81st (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Reynolds, H. L. - possibly H. L. Reynolds City Imperial Volunteers
Reynolds, V. L. - possibly 15641 Private Vernon Louis Reynolds 20th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Reynolds, A. J. - Arthur James Reynolds
Richardson, W. R. - 51 Private W. R. Richardson St John Ambulance Brigade Died of disease 30.3.1900
Richbell, J. - 1141 Private J. Richbell 2nd Middlesex Regiment
Ridgwell, J. W. E. - possibly 3344 Private J. Ridgwell 2nd Middlesex Regiment

Panel 8

Ringe, P. F. A.
Ritchie, R.
Rivett, J. E. - 15502 Lance Corporal J. E. Rivett 75th (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Robinson, H.
Rochford, P. - Sergeant P. Rochford Imperial Yeomanry Hospital
Rodwell, E. J. - 33687 Private E. J. Rodwell Imperial Yeomanry
Rogers, F.
Rous, A. C. - possibly 30357 Gunner A. C. Rous No. 4 Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Rowan, J. A. - possibly 10278 Lance Corporal John Andrew Rowan 56th (Buckinghamshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Rumney, B. - possibly 34155 Private Bernard Rumney 71st (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Sampson, A. J.
Saxby, H. R. - possibly 34258 Sergeant Henry Robert Saxby 53rd (Royal East Kent) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Searle, A.
Sedgwick, W.
Sherman, J. L.
Short, F. E. - possibly 20855 Private F. E. Short Machine Gun Section, 11th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Shorter, T. H.
Shurety, F. T. - 4924 Private F. T. Shurety 1st Border Regiment Wounded at Spearman's Camp, 21.1.1900. Later reported died.
Simpson, B. T.
Simpson, A. B.
Sitton, A.
Smith, W.
Smith, A. E.
Spooner, R.
Spriggs, W.
Stokes, F. M. C. - 12755 Corporal Francis M. C. Stokes 71st (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Stokes, R. S. G. - 31077 Private Ralph Shelton G. Stokes 51st (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Stutfield, D. C.
Sumner, G. A.
Syer, H. L.
Taylor, T. H.

Panel 9

Thorne, C.
Thurston, H.
Todd, H.
Tomkins, A. F.
Trobridge, P. L. - 21828 Trooper Percy Lewis Trobridge 81st (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Vernon, C. W. - 34042 Lance Sergeant Charles William Vernon 57th (Buckinghamshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry Killed in action at Linefontein, 19.5.1902
Vincent, G. W.
Wakefield, P. D. - 21097 Trooper P. D. Wakefield 40th (Oxfordshire) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Wakefield, H. S.
Walsham, W. J.
Ward, C.
Ward, E. A.
Ware, F.
Warne, C.
Warren, A.
Warren, D.
Weaver, H. P.
Webb, H. A. - possibly also named on the Willesden roll of honour
Webb, R. L.
Weldon, H.
Wheatley, W.
Wheelright, T.
Whitcher, J. R.
Whitcher, L.
Whyte, R.
Wilkinson, E.
Wright, C. H.
Wynn, M. C. - 4263 Private Melvern Clyde Wynn 34th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Anderson, R. C.
Beard, J. C. - possibly 9799 Private J. C. Beard 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
Bolt, H. W. - Ordinary Seaman H. W. Bolt Royal Navy H.M.S. "Terrible"
Bonner, C. E.
Buckle, H. O. - H. O. Buckle City Imperial Volunteers

Panel 10

Cleaver, E. - possibly 33464 Private Edward Cleaver 97th (Metropolitan Mounted Rifles) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Clift, C.
Crosse, L. S.
Earl, J. V.
Edwards, B. L.
Edwards, R. H.
Evans, E. H.
Forshall, F. S. H. - 13118 Trooper Francis Hyde Scrimgeor Forshall 52nd (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Forster, F. C.
Gutmann, W. H.
Hall, G.
Hooton, F. J.
Hooton, E. G.
Hooton, A. E.
Hooton, R. T.
Humphrey, P. J.
Hyde, W.
Jones, W. J.
Lailey, A. G.
Lee, H. C.
Marshall, C. B.
McClean, F.
Mileman, H. W.
Paul, A. E.
Peckham, S. H.
Pocock, G. B. - G. B. Pocock City Imperial Volunteers
Ryder, A. H.
Talbot, W.
Tansome, E.
Tarbox, A. M. - A. M. Tarbox St. John Ambulance Brigade
Williams, W.
Winn, R. A. - 2947 Private R. A. Winn 9th Lancers Killed in action at Edenburg, 27.5.1901
Andrew, B.

Panel 11

May, R.
Mentz, S Van - S. V. Mentz City Imperial Volunteers
Morton, E. J.
Mousley, G. T. - 38802 Sergeant George Thomas Mousley 130th (Westminster Dragoons) Company Imperial Volunteers
O'Connor, E.
Page, T. W.
Phelps, H. F.
Richards, T.
Roche, J.
Seaton, F. R. - possibly 20853 Private Frederick Robert Seaton 11th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Simpson, G.
Theobald, W. T.
Thomas, G. F.
Wicks, W.
Yeardye, W. - W. Yeardye 2nd (Prince of Wales's Own) West Yorkshire Regiment
Ash, J. C.
Beagley, J. - possibly 5252 Private J. Beagley 13th Hussars
Blundell, A.
Bowden, C. G. - possibly Trooper C. G. Bowden 1st Scottish Horse Killed in action at Moedwil, 30.9.1901
Brown, A. J. H. - possibly 4299 Private A. J. H. Brown 13th Hussars
Bush, H. P. - possibly 1213 Trooper H. P. Bush Brabant's Horse
Cooper, W. E.
Elwood, W. G. - 4500 Private W. G. Elwood 19th Hussars
Fleming, T.
Ing, J. E. - 4406 Private J. E. R. Ing 16th Lancers
Jones, J.
Lawrence, A. H.
Mead, N. T. W.
Mead, H. G. F. - 6926 Private H. G. F. Mead 2nd Middlesex Regiment
Potter, B. J.
Steer, G. P.
Taylor, J.
Warner, E. C.

Panel 12

Aylwin, B. E. - 13463 Trooper Bernard Edgar Aylwin 73rd (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Beckett, F.
Bedborough, W. H. - possibly 32997 Trooper Neville Hamilton Bedborough 93rd (Sharpshooters) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Bourne, E. A.
Brooker, W. H.
Burrows, E.
Cassie, W. - possibly W. Cassie 2nd Northumberland Volunteers
Close, H.
Collins, W. C.
Connell, J.
Craig, W. H.
Croft, R. J.
Crouch, R. L.
Day, W. A.
Deverell, F.
Duck, F. D.
Firkins, C. F.
Flautau, A.
Gardiner, A.
Gilfillan, F.
Gillman, E. - possibly 13615 Squadron Sergeant Major Edward Gillman Imperial Yeomanry
Glover, R. H. - possibly R. H. Glover City Imperial Volunteers
Goode, H. R. - 6879 Private Hugh Ronald Goode 44th (Suffolk) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Gosling, F.
Gott, B. E. - 13474 Sergeant Major B. E. Gott 73rd (Paget's Horse) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Holman, S.
Hurlock, W. E.
Ingram, T. L. - 6285 Trooper Thomas Lewis Ingram 34th (Middlesex) Company Imperial Yeomanry
Jones, R. F.
Kebbell, J. F.
King, A. E.
Littlewood, H.
Longford, H. C.
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Hampstead's Roll of Honour 1 year 10 months ago #61268

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A big 'thank you' to Miles Eady for sending the newspaper articles transcribed below, and also for arranging my visit.

Mr. Arnold White, 2, Windmill-hill, Hampstead, has given notice to the Hampstead Borough Council of a motion to the effect that it should record its appreciation of the gallantry of the troops in South Africa, ascertain the names of the inhabitants of Hampstead who have been engaged in the war, whether as Regulars, Reservists, or Volunteers, and prepare a scheme for recording the names of such persons on a roll of honour to be fixed in a conspicuous place in or about Hampstead Town Hall. Mr. White hopes that a councillor in every borough in London will follow his example in regard to his motion.
The Morning Post, Thursday 15th November 1900


…..The chairman submitted the toast of "The King and Royal Family," which was enthusiastically received, Mrs. Alec Coles taking the solo verses of the National Anthem.
Councillor E. H. Evans next proposed the toast of "The Imperial Forces." He stated that he was an old Volunteer, and that he carried a rifle when most of those present were in their cradles. (Oh, oh, and Laughter.) They were very proud of their Army in all its branches, and they would be glad to know that 400 men went from Hampstread to take part in the Boer War. (Applause.) In a short time they would be able to see their names on a roll of honour at the Hampstead Town Hall. (Applause.) He regretted that Col. Gordon, C.V.O., C.B., could not be with them. He coupled with the toast the name of Mr. J. H. Wrentmore, a member of the Artists' Corps. (Applause.)
Hampstead and Highgate Express, 28th February 1903


Yesterday a very handsome roll of honour, executed in repoussé brass work, containing the names of all the Hampstead men who served in the South African war, in the Regular Army or otherwise, was placed in the Hampstead Town Hall. The inscription at the top of the memorial reads: "To the Honour of Hampstead Men who served in the Great Boer War this Memorial is set up by the Hampstead Borough Council." Then follow the names of forty-one officers and 323 non-commissioned officers and men. The artist is Mr. P. F. Alexander, of Church-row, Hampstead. The Borough Council decided upon the erection of the memorial upon the suggestion of Mr. Arnold White.
London Daily News, Saturday 7th March 1903


YESTERDAY (Friday) evening the handsome Roll of Honour to Hampstead Men who Served in the Great Boer War, which has been placed in the Hampstead Town Hall, was unveiled by the Mayoress (Mrs. C. Fleetwood Pritchard) in the presence of a very large gathering, which included many of those whose names are inscribed on the Roll, the Mayor (Alderman C. Fleetwood Pritchard), and nearly all the Aldermen and Councillors of the borough, Col. G. G. Gordon, C.V.O., C.B., Mr. B. A. Lyon, chairman of the Hampstead Board of Guardians, Mr. Alfred Preston, J.P., the Rev. G. A. Herklots, and Mrs. Carl Haag.

The Roll has been artistically executed in repoussé brass work by Mr. P. F. Alexander, of Church row. The payment of the cost of the memorial, £200, has been sanctioned by the Local Government Board. At the head is the inscription, "To the honour of Hampstead men who served in the Great Boer War this Memorial is set up by the Hampstead Borough Council, A.D. 1902." It was covered with a large Union Jack and has been temporarily placed on the platform in the large hall.

The Mayor and Mayoress, the former wearing his robes and chain of office, were very heartily greeted upon entering the hall, and the Mayoress was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Miss Edith L. Gard, daughter of Councillor W. G. Snowdon Gard.

Councillor W. G. Snowdon Gard, chairman of the General Purposes Committee, in opening the proceedings, said that the Borough Council, in order that it might be one of its first acts, on Nov. 15th 1900, allowed Councillor Arnold White to move, as a matter of urgency, "That the Borough Council desires to place on record, as one of its first acts, its high appreciation of the gallantry, devotion, and sacrifices of all ranks of Her Majesty's Forces serving in South Africa; and therefore resolves that it be referred to the General Purposes Committee to ascertain the names of such inhabitants of Hampstead who have served their Queen and Country in the Boer War of 1899-1900, whether as Regulars, Reservists, or Volunteers, and that the said committee do forthwith consider and prepare a scheme for recording such names on a Roll of Honour to be permanently affixed in a conspicuous place in or about the Town Hall of Hampstead." That motion was carried unanimously, and the General Purposes Committee, of which Alderman McMillan was the chairman until a short time ago, at once set to work to make inquiries and collect the names of those entitled to be on the Roll; and few could have an idea of how much detail work had to be done. Inquiries were made of nine different recruiting officers of Imperial Yeomanry, of the Middlesex and Royal Artillery Regiments, and at the depôt of the City Imperial Volunteers. A list of names was also furnished by Miss C. Fulcher and Miss Hildesheim, of the Hampstead Division of the Soldier's and Sailors' Families Association, and letters were inserted in the Press asking for further information. An assistant clerk was employed for some weeks in correcting and verifying the names received from various sources, and in March, 1902, the Council commissioned Mr. P. F. Alexander to execute the work. The total number of names on the Roll was 365. (Applause.) On behalf of his committee and the Council he wished to thank Mr. A. P. Johnson, the Town Clerk, for all he had done in connection with the memorial. (Applause.) Having made this formal statement, he hoped he would be excused if he added a few more words. On behalf of his committee, and of the Council, and, he was sure, on behalf of that meeting, he ventured to offer his hearty congratulations to those on the Roll of Honour who had gone through the War successfully, and to tender respectful sympathy to the relatives and friends of those who had fallen and who had achieved the higher success necessarily involved in the more complete sacrifice. (Applause.) To fulfil the idea that this should be a thoroughly Hampstead memorial the Council decided the ask the Mayoress to unveil the memorial, and he had great pleasure, on behalf of the Council, in asking her to do so. (Applause.)

The Mayoress, with the assistance of the Town Clerk, then unveiled the Roll of Honour, amidst loud applause.

Col. G. G. Gordon, in moving a vote of thanks to the Mayoress, said that those who had fought for their King and country and the honour of the name of England, apart from the consciousness of having done their duty, felt it a great reward to enjoy the knowledge that they had the appreciation of their friends and neighbours. (Applause.) As a father he felt proud that his son's name had been placed on the Roll. (Applause.)

Major Alec Reid, D.S.O., whose name is inscribed on the Roll, seconded the motion. He said that all those whose names were on the Roll felt grateful to the Council for having erected the memorial. Those who went as Volunteers from Hampstead to South Africa went out to do their duty, and many of those who returned, having done as much as they could, would be ready to volunteer for duty again if their country should ask them to do so. (Applause.)

The motion was carried with heart applause.

The Mayor, in acknowledging the compliment, said that the Council had done honour to itself in erecting this permanent memorial to the men from Hampstead who went out and served their King and country in South Africa. (Applause.) The names on the Roll included 42 officers and 323 non-commissioned officers and men, making a total of 365. (Applause.) The officers included eighteen in the Regular Army, one in the Navy, eight in the Volunteers, fourteen in the Yeomanry, and one with the Colonial Forces, and the non-commissioned officers and men included 138 in the Regular Army, four in the Navy, seventy-one in the Volunteers, ninety-six in the Yeomanry, and fourteen in the Colonial regiments. The losses known included two officers (Lieut. P. C. Shaw and Lieut. B. Moeller), and twenty-one non-commissioned officers and men, in addition to which two died soon after their return. The Distinguished Service Order was conferred on Major L. G. F. Gordon, Royal Artillery, Major Reid, City Imperial Volunteers, and Lieut. H. B. Burnaby, Imperial Yeomanry, in recognition of their services in the field. Major E. C. Haag, 18th Hussars, was severely wounded. In conclusion he said he believed the people of Hampstead were justly proud of this Roll of Honour. (Applause.)

The proceedings closed with a hearty rendering of "God Save the King," the piano accompaniment being played by Mrs. Hanhart, wife of Alderman Hanhart, the ex-Mayor.
Hampstead and Highgate Express, Saturday 28th March 1903


On Monday Hampstead's Roll of Honour to the memory of local men who served in the South African War, which is displayed just inside the principal entrance to the Hampstead Town Hall, was completed by the insertion of the two remaining panels. The Roll of Honour was decided upon, on the motion of Mr. Arnold White, as the very first act of the Hampstead Borough Council, but difficulties in getting authentic information delayed the final completion until now. The Roll has been artistically executed in repoussé brass work by Mr. P. F. Alexander, of Church-row, and the payment of the cost of the memorial, £200, was sanctioned by the Local Government Board. At the head is the inscription, "To the honour of Hampstead men who served in the Great Boer War this Memorial is set up by the Hampstead Borough Council." The names recorded are those of forty-eight officers and 341 non-commissioned officers and men, a total of 389. Included are the names of two officers (Lieut. P. C. Shaw and Lieut. B. Moeller) and twenty-one men who fell in the War, and those of three officers who gained the Distinguished Service Order, Major L. G. F. Gordon, Major Reid, and Lieut. H. B. Burnaby.
Hampstead and Highgate Express, Saturday 7th January 1905


….The Mayor [of Hendon] went on that it was somewhat appropriate that it should have fallen to his lot to preside, because in the cockles of his heart were exactly the same feelings as there were among the British Legion. The members, like himself, would probably run a mile to see a battalion marching and hear a brass or drum and fife band playing, because they were built that way. There were other people who would not cross the road to see these things. In Hampstead Town Hall was a large brass tablet on the roll of honour to the men who volunteered for the South African war. On that tablet would be found in succession the names of H. W., W. L., and A. J. Reynolds. He was the last-named, and they were the only three brothers from one family who volunteered and went to South Africa from Hampstead. (applause.)
Hendon and Finchley Times, Friday 12th March 1937

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Fantastic additions to the site. Many thanks.
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Writing to his father at Heath-street, Hampstead, Private W. R. Richardson, of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, says: "While I am writing this (February 14) Sir Alfred Milner is going over the hospital. This morning we had Rudyard Kipling in our ward, by special request, the men being very anxious to see him, as they call him their champion. It was quite a surprise, his visit, as a lady happened to be in our ward last week giving some of the patients Kipling's works, and they told her what a lot they thought of him, so she wrote to him and he came. He passed a joke and spun a yarn, which pleased the men immensely. In the same letter the writer mentions that he is sending home as a relic a bullet that passed through one man, killed him, and fractured the thigh of a man behind, from whose leg it was extracted in the hospital.
Flintshire Observer and News, Thursday 29th March 1900

Died of disease, 30th March 1900.

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