This page gives the number of the QSA rolls held by the National Archives in the WO100 range.  For example, to verify a QSA to the 20th Hussars would mean you accessed roll WO100/119.  The sections on this page are:

Imperial Yeomanry
Individual claims
Royal Field Artillery
Royal Garrison Artillery
Royal Engineers
Foot Guards
Infantry of the Line
Army Service Corps
Royal Army Medical Corps
Other #1
South African Colonial Corps
DMT and Town Guards
Overseas Colonial Contingents
Indian Army
Other #2
Late claims




112    1 and 2 Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards 1-3 Dragoon Guards
113    4-7 Dragoon Guards
114    1 and 2 Dragoons, 3 and 4 Hussars
115    5 Lancers, 6 Dragoons, 7 and 8 Hussars
116    9 Lancers, 10 and 11 Hussars
117    12, 13 Lancers, 13 - 15 Hussars
118    16 and 17 Lancers, 18 Hussars
119    19 and 20 Hussars; 21 Lancers

Imperial Yeomanry

120    1 and 2 Battalions, includes index to companies, showing Battalions to which they belonged
121    3 and 4 Battalions
122    5 and 6 Battalions
123    7 and 8 Battalions
124    9 and 10 Battalions
125    11 and 12 Battalions
126    13-15 Battalions
127    16-18 Battalions
128    19-22 Battalions
129    23-30 Battalions
130    31 and 32 Battalions, Lovat's Scouts, Staffs, Base Depots, Unposted, Hospital Staffs

Individual claims

131    Officers
132    Non-Commissioned Officers and Men A-D
133    E-J
134    K-O
135    P-S
136    T-Z

Royal Artillery

137    Nominal Rolls of issue of medals to Officers and Men of the Royal Artillery
138    Nominal Rolls of issue of medals to Officers and Men. of the Royal Artillery
139    Staff, A, G, J, L - U, X - Z, AA and BB Batteries, Riding Establishment, A and B Depots and Miscellaneous Royal Horse Artillery

Royal Field Artillery

140    Staff, 2, 4, 5, 7-10, 13, 14 and 17 Batteries
141    18-21, 26, 28, 37-39, 42-44 Batteries
142    48, 53, 60 - 69 and 73 Batteries
143    74-79, 81-86 Batteries
144    87 - 89, 94, 96, 99, 101, 104 - 107, 110, 115, 117, 119, 120, 129, 131, 135, 141, 142,
145, 149 - 151 Batteries, POW der Maxims RA (Pom-Poms), Ammunition Columns and Park, Depots, Mounted Rifles and Miscellaneous

Royal Garrison Artillery

145    Maxim Battery, 31, 56, 57, 62, 63, 66, 68, 84, 85, 91, 92, 97 - 100 Companies - with Index
146    101 - 103 Companies, 4, 6 and 10 Batteries Mountain Division, Staff Depots, New Zealand Battery, Militia Volunteers and Miscellaneous
147    Individual Claims Officers A - Z
148    Non-Commissioned Officers and Men A-B
149    C-D
150    E-H
151    I-L
152    M-Q
153    R-S
154    T-Z

Royal Engineers

155    Staff, 5-7 Field Companies
156    8 - 12 and 17 Field Companies
157    20, 23, 26, 29, 31, 33 and 37 Field Companies
158    38, 39, 42, 45 - 47, 54 and 55 Field Companies
159    Telegraph Division Battalion
160  Pontoon and Bridging Troop, Field Troops and Park, Searchlight Section, 1 and 2 Balloon Sections and Balloon Repairing Factory VI
161  Base Details, Survey Companies, Tay Section, Mauritius, Natal, St Helena, Royal Anglesey, Royal Monmouth VII
162  Volunteer Companies (by Counties) and Electrical Engineers

Foot Guards

163    Grenadier Guards
164    Coldstream Guards
165    Scots and Irish Guards

Infantry of the Line

166    The Royal Scots and Royal West Surrey Regiments
167    East Kent Regiment
168    Royal Lancaster Regiment
169    Northumberland Fusiliers
170    Royal Warwickshire Regiment
171    1st-7th Battalions Royal Fusiliers
172    Liverpool Regiment
173    Norfolk and Lincolnshire Regiments
174    Devonshire and Suffolk Regiments
175    Somersetshire light Infantry and West Yorkshire Regiment
176    East Yorkshire and Bedfordshire Regiments
177    Leicestershire and Royal Irish Regiments
178    Yorkshire Regiment
179    Lancashire Fusiliers
180    Royal Scots Fusiliers and Cheshire Regiment
181    Royal Welsh Fusiliers and South Wales Borderers
182    King's Own Scottish Borderers and Scottish Rifles
183    Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and Gloucestershire Regiment
184    Worcestershire and East Lancashire Regiments
185    East Surrey Regiment and Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
186    West Riding and Border Regiments
187    Royal Sussex and Hampshire Regiments
188    South Staffordshire Regiment
189    Dorsetshire and South Lancashire Regiments
190    Welsh Regiment and Royal Highlanders
191    Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and Essex Regiment
192    Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
193    Northamptonshire and Royal Berkshire Regiments
194    Royal West Kent Regiment, Yorkshire Light Infantry, Shropshire Light Infantry
195    Middlesex Regiment
196    1-4 Battalions, King's Royal Rifle Corps
197    9th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps, Volunteer Service Companies and Wiltshire Regiment
198    Manchester Regiment
199    North Staffordshire Regiment
200    York and Lancaster Regiment
201    Durham Light Infantry
202    Highland Light Infantry
203    Seaforth and Gordon Highlanders
204    Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and Royal Irish Rifles
205    Royal Irish Fusiliers and Connaught Rangers
206    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
207    Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment
208    Royal Munster Fusiliers
209    Royal Dublin Fusiliers
210    1,2 and 4 Battalions Rifle Brigade
211    5 and 7 Battalions Rifle Brigade, Natal Field Force, Mounted Infantry with attachments of Ceylon Contingent, Royal Malta Regiment and Burma Mounted Infantry

Army Service Corps

212    Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men, and Drivers etc. attached to Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery, St Helena Roll and Miscellaneous
213    1 - 37 Companies
214    38 (or B Supply Company) to 46,48,50 - 56,58 - 62, 64-66, 71, 81 -91, A Supply, B Remount, C,D and E Supply Companies
215    Individuals - Non-Commissioned Officers and Men
216    Civilians attached to Companies, Crosbie's and Julius Weil's Transports
217    Army Service Corps Civilian Individuals A - K
218    Civilian Individuals L - Z

Royal Army Medical Corps

219    Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men
220    Individuals A - K
221    Individuals L - Z
222    General Hospitals
223    Stationary Brigade and Field Hospitals, Bearer Companies, Hospital Train, Refuge Camps
224    Militia Volunteers, Rhodesian Field Force, Miscellaneous Civilians
225    St John's Ambulance, Red Cross Society, Irish, Scotch, Welsh and Donative Hospitals, Hospital Ships
226    Civil Surgeons
227    Civil Surgeons Individuals A - K
228    Civil Surgeons Individuals L - Z
229    Nurses

Other #1

230    Army Pay Department, Army Post Office Corps Army Veterinary Department, Army Schoolmasters
231    Royal Navy, City of London Imperial Volunteers
232    Her Majesty's Ship OPHIR - Presentation Lists
233    Army Ordnance Department
234    Remount Department, Military Police
235    Chaplains - Church Army, Mission to Soldiers, Salvation Army, Soldiers Christian Association, Young Men's Christian Association, Individuals

South African Colonial Corps

236    Ashburner's Light Horse, Bechuanaland Rifles, Bethune's Mounted Infantry, Border Horse, Border Scouts
237    Brabant's Horse
238    British South Africa Police, Bushmen and Borderers
239    Cape Colony Cyclist Corps, Cape Colonial Forces (Cape Defence Force} Tembuland and East Griqualand Field Forces, Clarke's Light Horse, Cape Colony Ordnance and Defence Departments
240    Cape Garrison Artillery, Cape Medical Staff Corps, Cape Mounted and Special Police
241    Cape Mounted Riflemen, Cape Town Highlanders, Cattle Rangers
242    Colonial light Horse (2nd Battalion, Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles), Colonial Scouts
243    Commander-in-Chief s Body Guard, Composite Cyclists, Cullinan's Horse, Cyclist Despatch Riders
244    Damant's Horse (Late Rimmington's Guides), Dennison's Scouts
245    Dordrecht District Volunteer Guard, Driscoll's Scouts
246    Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
247    Eastern Province Horse, East Griqualand Field Force, Farmer's Guard, French's Scouts, Frontier Light Horse, Frontier Mounted Rifles
248    Gorringe's Flying Column, City of Grahamstown Volunteers, Hannay's Scouts, Herschel Native Police
249    Imperial Bearer Corps, Imperial Hospital Corps, Imperial Irregular Corps
250    1st Imperial Light Horse
251    2nd Imperial Light Horse
252    Imperial Light Infantry, Imperial Military Railways, Imperial Yeomanry Scouts
253    Johannesburg - Mounted Rifles and District Military Police
254    Kaffrarian Rifles
255    Kimberley Light Horse, Diamond Fields Artillery, Kimberley Volunteer Regiment
256    Kitchener's Horse, 1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
257    2nd Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
258    Kuruman Scouts, Loch's Horse and Ross Gun Section, Loxton's and Lumsden's Horse, Lydenburg Mounted Police, Maratrani Mounted Rifles, Marshall's Horse, Menne's Scouts
259    Midland Mounted Rifles, Montmorency Scouts, Murrey's Horse, Namaqualaud British Scouts
260    Natal Volunteer Corps, Border Mounted Rifles, Durban Light Infantry, Umvoti Mounted Rifles
261    Natal Volunteer Corps and Police
262    National (Waldon's) Scouts and Orange River Colony Volunteers, Nesbitt's Horse
263    New England mounted Rifles, Neylan's Horse or Orange River Scouts, Orange River Colony, Providence Mounted Police, Orpen's Light Horse, Peninsula Horse, Pietersburgh Light Horse (late Bushveldt Carabineers), Port Alfred Imperial Mounted Rifles, Protectorate Regiment
264    Prince Alfred's Guards Mounted Infantry, Prince Alfred's Own Cape Artillery, Prince Alfred's Volunteer Guard, Prince of Wales Light Horse, Queenstown Rifle Volunteers and Mounted Infantry
265    Railway Pioneer Regiments
266    Rand Rifles, Rhodesian Field Force, Rhodesia Regiments
267    Rhodesia (Southern) Volunteers, Rhodesian Coronation Contingent, Robert's Horse, Rundle's Scouts
268    1st Scottish Horse, Scottish Cyclists Company
269    2nd Scottish Horse
270    Scott's Railway Guards, Settle's Scouts
271    South African Constabulary: Headquarters Depot, Reserve Division, 'A' Division
272    South African Constabulary: 'B' and 'C' Divisions
273    South African Constabulary. 'E' Division and Miscellaneous
274    South African Light Horse, I
275    South African Light Horse, II
276    South African Mounted Irregular Forces, Standerton Mounted Police, Steinaecker's Horse, Struben's Scouts, Tembuland Mounted Rifles
277    Thorneycrof's Mounted Infantry, Transkei Mounted Rifles, Transvaal Constabulary, Tucker's Scouts, Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
276    Warren's Mounted Infantry, Warren's Scouts, Warwick's Scouts, Western Light Horse, Western Province Mounted Rifles, Xalanga Mounted Rifles
279     Colonial Officials - Cape Colony, Natal, Government Railways

District Mounted Troops and Town Guards

280    A-C
281    D-J
282    Kimberley
283    K-M
284    N-P
285    Q-T
286    U-Z

Overseas Colonial Contingents

287    Canada and Canadian Scouts, West India Regiment
288    New South Wales, I
289    New South Wales, II
290    Queensland
291    Victoria
292    South and West Australia
293    Australian Commonwealth Horse, Australian Army Medical Corps, Doyle's Scouts, Tasmania
294    New Zealand Artillery and contingents 1 to 6
295    New Zealand contingents 7 to 10

Indian Army

296    Staff, British Officers, Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry
297    Supply and Transport Corps (arranged according to districts), Indian Male Pack Train, Private Servants to Officers
298    Ordnance, Military Accounts, Medical and Veterinary Departments, Followers attached to British Units and Miscellaneous Followers (arranged according to districts)

Other #2

299    Headquarter and General Staff
300    African Natives
301    Field Intelligence Department
371     Burgher Camps Department (Transvaal) Criminal Investigation Department, Johannesburg Fire Brigade, War Correspondents, Civilian Grooms and Servants, Civilians employed in Field Force Canteens, South Metropolitan Gas Company Reservists, and Chinese Regiment of Infantry

Late claims

377    1901 Sept - 1904 Jan. Correspondence with Royal Mint relating to issue of bronze medals to natives: medal rolls of the Cape Boy and Fingo native contingents at Mafeking Siege, and for natives attached to 1st Royal Irish Regiment, Steinaecker's Horse, 9 Field Coy, RE, 3rd Dragoon Guards, and 12 Coy Army Service Corps
378    1902 Apr - 1906 May Correspondence relating to NCOs and men, Civilians, and Australians serving with Army Post Office Corps: supplementary medal rolls, 'A' for NCOs and men, and 'B' for Civilians. Medal roll 'C' for Australians, is wanting
379    1903 Jan.  Claim by Nursing Sister employed in Concentration Camps for medal
380    1904 July - 1908 Jan. Correspondence relating to Civilian Clerks and Typists employed with the Army Service Corps: medal rolls enclosed
381    1904 May.  Marshall's Horse, nominal list of applicants who served with Corps
382    1904 May - Jun 1904 Brabant's Horse, nominal list of applicants who served with Corps
383    1904 May - Jun 1904 Kitchener's Horse, nominal list of applicants who served with Corps
384    1905 Apr - 1907 Feb.  Application by Major A Bailey of Gorringe's Horse for clasp to Queen's Medal, and King's Medal for services to the Crown: the correspondence also touches on Lord Milner's entitlement to the latter.
385    Undated Alphabetical list of claims (general, all services) not approved by Commander in Chief
387    1912 June List of unclaimed medals AG2/C/
389    1912 Sept.  Return of forfeitures of personnel in various regiments to the South Africa medal, and of Northumberland Fusiliers to the Sudan medal


# Informationwalton1958 2017-01-18 23:17
Looking for more information on Trooper Robert William Walton who joined the Imperial Yeomanary 31 January 1901 at Newcastle upon Tyne, he was discharged later that year the term was unfit for further service.

Robert William Walton was my Grandfather's eldest brother born Hexhamshire in March 1868 death occured Blackhill Consett 1930, address on joining up was 2. Tyne View Terrace, Hexham, Northumberland and his next of kin whilst in service was Edward Walton Father also of the above address.

Any information will be greatfully received.

David Walton

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