The 1st Battalion sailed on the Bavarian about 18th January 1900, and arrived at the Cape about 3rd February. Along with the 2nd Cheshire, 2nd South Wales Borderers, and 2nd North Staffordshire, they formed the 15th Brigade under Major General A G Wavell, and part of the VIIth Division under Lieutenant General Tucker. For notes as to general work of the division see 2nd Norfolk, and of the brigade see 2nd Cheshire.

The battalion was said to have done well at Karee Siding on 29th March 1900. They lost that day 5 men killed and 14 wounded. At the crossing of the Zand River on 10th May they also did their portion of the task well.

In Lord Roberts' final despatch 11 officers and 17 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned.

In 1901 the battalion furnished the infantry of columns which operated in the Southern Transvaal and in the Orange River Colony under Brigadier General G Hamilton, Colonel Grey, Colonel Garratt, and others, and necessarily did a lot of very hard marching and had a good many little fights.

In 1902 the battalion assisted in holding a line of blockhouses near Vrede during the driving operations.

Three officers, 1 non-commissioned officer, and 1 private were mentioned in Lord Kitchener's despatches during the war, and 4 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers in his final despatch.

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