Settle's Scouts were named after Colonel (Local Major General) Sir H H Settle KCB DSO RE. 

It was raised on Namaqualand on 16 Oct 1901 (Cape Colony District, Order No 5 of same date) and formed into two contingents. It was disbanded at O'okiep (under General Order No 21374 on 30 Jun 02.

The 2nd Contingent was subsequently amalgamated with the Namaqualand Border Scouts and therefore had no connection with Settle's Scouts thereafter (CR no A.10593 and A.10593-20.

The establishment authorised by Cape Colony District orders No 5 of 16 Oct 1901 (as amended by CCD orders No 2 of 19 Nov 01) was 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Sergeant Major, 1 Quarter Master Sergeant, 4 Sergeants (white), 4 Corporals (coloured), 4 Lance Corporals (coloured) and 62 scouts (troopers). Total 79.

The nominal roll on disbandment contained 95 names, including 1 Captain and 2 Lieutenants. The strength of the Scouts on 3 May 02 was 77.

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