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BuysCornelius BenjaminKlasieArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CairncrossCharlesLieutenantAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CalitzJacob SolomonArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ColesburgBoer Forces
CalitzJacob SolomonArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CharslundAndries JohannesArtilleristAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
CilliersJan DanielHe was born in 1854.and lived until 1922. He was a poet and early advocate of the Afrikaans language.Boer Forces
CloeteHendrik Johannes ChristoffelArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CloeteStephanus Abraham JosephusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. Gen. De le RayBoer Forces
CoetzeeAbraham JohannesArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CoetzeeCarel TheodorusVeld TelegrafistAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CoetzeeLewies JohannesBurgerAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
CoetzeeStephanus JacobusBurgerAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
CoetzerJohannes JacobusKapteinAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
ColenbranderH TBoer Forces
ConradieJohannes HendrikHe was born in 1872 in Prince Albert. He studied Victoria College, Stellenbosch, and qualified as a teacher. He worked at Christiana in the Transvaal, and later in the Orange Free State, where he became a headmaster. After the Boer War, he qualified as a solicitor, and from 1912 to 1921 was Superintendent of the Kakamas Labour Settlement on the Orange River. A founder member of the Nationalist Party, he was elected to Parliament in 1920. From 1929 to 1938 he served as Administrator of Cape Province. Boer Forces
CosterDr Hermanus JocobBorn in Holland. He was State Attorney of SAR and ex officio JP He prosecuted on behalf of the State in the case of the Reformers. There were originally four indictments against the whole of the prisoners, but negotiations between Dr Coster and Advocate Wcsscls (the latter representing the accused) resulted as follows: that the leaders, Colonel Rhodes and Messrs. L Phillips, Hays Hammond, and Geo. Farrar, should plead guilty to count 1 (conspiring with Dr Jameson to make a hostile invasion), and that the rank and file of the committee should plead guilty to counts 3 (distributing arms, guns, erecting defences, etc.) and 4 (arrogating the functions of Government in Johannesburg, arming their own Police Corps, etc.); that counts 2, 3 and 4 should be withdrawn against the latter. Dr Coster admitted that the effect of this would be making the charge against the rank and file purcly nominal, while in the case of the four leaders he undertook not to press for exemplary punishment. Nevertheless, at the trial Dr Coster, in a violent speech, depicted in the blackest terms the action of those men, and claimed that the Court should apply the Roman Dutch Law in preference to the statutes of the SAR, and demanded the severest penalty that could be imposed under that law and under the Thirty-three Articles and the Gold Law. Dr Custer resigned the State Attorneyship in consequence of an insulting reference of President Kruger's to his countrymen. He took part in the Boer War, and was killed in action at Elandslaagte. Boer Forces
CrauseDaniel ChristianBurgerAwarded the ABO. O.V.S. ArtillerieBoer Forces
CronjePietrus ArnoldusGeneralBorn in Colesberg in 1836, he was present at the Battle of Boomplaats in 1848 at the age of 12. He distinguished himself by his fighting abilities and was Commandant of Potchefstroom in the First Anglo Boer War. He served on the Executive Council of the Transvaal Volksraad. He was the Commandant of the Boer Army to whom the Jameson Raiders surrendered at Doornkop in 1896. When the Boer War broke out, he was in command of the Western Transvaal, and took park in the siege of Mafeking and then the siege at Kimberley. He participated in the Battles of Modder River (28 November 1899), Magersfontein and Paardeberg. Creswicke says of him "in spite of his tricks and tyrannies, he has shown himself a first-class fighter, and a remarkable leader of men. He profoundly detests the British, but the British, while returning the compliment, have a generous appreciation of his abilities." At Paardeberg he was forced to surrender to Lord Roberts with over 4,000 men on 27 February 1900. He was sent to St Helena as a prisoner of war. He died in 1911. Boer Forces
DafelFloris PetrusSers/Maj.Awarded the LVW & ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
De BeerChristian JohannesArtilleristAwarded the ABO. Comdt. TrichardtBoer Forces
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