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DreyerChristoffel JacobusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
Du PlessisAbraham BarnardArtilleristAwarded the ABO. Gen. De WetBoer Forces
Du PlessisDaniel JohannesSers/Maj.Awarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
Du PlessisJan HarmArtilleristAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
Du PlessisJan Willem JacobusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. JohannesburgBoer Forces
Du PlessisTjaardSers/Maj.Awarded the LVW & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
Du PlessisWillem AbrahamLieutenantAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
Du PlooyWillem ThomasArtilleristAwarded the LVW & ABO. BloemfonteinBoer Forces
Du ToitAndries JacobusKorporalAwarded the ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
Du ToitGert JohannesArtilleristAwarded the LVW & ABO. ArtillerieBoer Forces
Du ToitHeinrich Sebastian Davel KapteinAwarded the DTD & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
EllisPatric HendrikBurgerAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
EloffAndries StefanusArtilleristAwarded the ABO. POW Ceylon.Captured 09/08/00. PretoriaBoer Forces
EloffSarel JohannesCommandantThe grandson of President Kruger. He was born in 1863 in the Transvaal. He joined the police of the South African Republic and was promoted to Lieutenant. During the Jameson Raid his speed in delivering the news helped prevent the preparations of the Reformers. His actions brought him to the attention of the authorities and he was promoted to commandant of the Johannesburg force. He saw action during the siege of Mafeking and was captured there on 12 May 1900. He dies in Middelburg in 1924.Boer Forces
EngelbrechtBarend FrederickBurgerAwarded the LVW & ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
EngelbrechtBarend Jacobus BombadierAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
EramusPieter ErnstMajoorAwarded the ABO. POW Ceylon.Captured 09/05/00. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
EramusWilhelmus PetrusSersantAwarded the ABO. StaatsartillerieBoer Forces
ErasmusD J E (Maroela)GeneralMaroela' Erasmus was born in 1845, and began his military career aged 16 in 1861. He was at the engagement of Bronkhorstspruit in 1880 during the First Anglo Boer War, and became a Commandant at the Siege of Pretoria. He was part of the force that opposed the incursion of the Jameson Raiders in 1896. In of the first engagements of the Boer War, he was expected to use his force in support of General Lukas Meyer at the Battle of Talana (20 October 1899), but he failed to engage the British. He was involved in the Siege of Ladysmith and later operated in the area around Pretoria. He was a surly man and in August 1900 he was demoted to Commandant because of his failure to act. He was captured in the Eastern Transvaal in January 1902 and sent to St HelenaBoer Forces
ErasmusP E (Piet)MajorThe brother of General 'Maroela' Erasmus, he was born in 1871. He served with the Staatsartillerie and then travelled to Holland to receive his military training. He was commissioned when he returned. He assisted in the planning for the forts in Pretoria and negotiated the artillery purchases. When one of these guns, a Long Tom, was damaged during the siege of Ladysmith at Gun Hill, it was transported to Erasmus for repair. Boer Forces
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