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BryerArthur Darlington307SaddlerSource: OZ-Boer databaseQueensland, 6th Imperial Bushmen Contingent
BryerCharles5094PrivateSource: QSA Medal Rolls8th Company, 4th Btn, IY
BryerEdward5771PrivateSource: QSA Medal Rolls42nd Company, 12th Btn, IY
BryerS M GEngineerQSA (0). Medal presented on HMS Ophir
Source: QSA medal rolls
HMS Niobe
BryerS M GEngineerQSA (0).
Source: QSA medal rolls
HMS Ophir
BryersJ CSource: QSA and KSA medal rollsNew Zealand, 6th Contingent
BryersJohn William51Source: Attestation papers. See image on this site.Railway Pioneer Regiment
BryersJohn William51Private1st RPR
Source: Nominal roll in WO127
Railway Pioneer Regiment
BryettH SStokerQSA (0). Ref: 284.897.
Source: QSA medal rolls
HMS Thetis
BryhamThomas L8986Lance CorporalSource: QSA Medal Rolls32nd Company, 2nd Btn, IY
BryingtonArthur2340Attested: Mar 1913. Source: CMP5Cape Police
BryllaWilliam71TrooperServed in 1st KFS. Joined Salisbury 22 Oct 00 Durban 6 Jan 02 Discharged 30 Jun 01 completion of service Pretoria Discharged 5 Jul 02 disbandment Johannesburg
Source: Nominal roll in WO127
Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
BryllaWilliam367RangerServed between 24/6/1901 and 19/12/1901. Reason for discharge: Disbanded. Attested: Pretoria.
Source: Nominal roll
Cattle Ranger's Corps
BrymeSydneyBearerServed 09 Dec 99 to 12 Mar 00.
Source: Nominal roll in WO127
Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps
BrymerAB Division
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
South African Constabulary
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