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CastlesWilliam John11051CorporalSource: QSA Medal Rolls60th Company, 17th Btn, IY
CastlesWilliam John432PrivateSource: OZ-Boer databaseQueensland, 5th Imperial Bushmen Contingent
CastletonA4th Battalion, attached 3rd
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
(Princess of Wales's Own) Yorkshire Regiment
CastletonA28292Lance CorporalQSA issued 24 Jan 1905.


TNA ref 160/52; 160/56; 315/96
Royal Engineers, Searchlight Section
CastletonA ESecond CorporalDemise: Died 03 Oct 1903
Place: Standerton
Source: In Memoriam by S Watt
Royal Engineers, Fortress Company, 20th
CastletonGSource: WO100/281Jagersfontein TG
CastletonG JSource: WO100/281Edenburg TG
CastletonG P L27899Engineer Clerk Foreman of WorksTo Supernumerary List 9 Nov 1901 (KSA) in London. KSA issued 9 Feb 1904.


TNA ref 157/55: 314/59; 313/6
Royal Engineers, Fortress Company, 29th
CastletonH2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
Royal Warwickshire Regiment
CastletonJ 2015Private2nd Btn. Wounded at Ladysmith. 23 Feb 1900.
Source: Natal Field Force Casualty Roll, page 37 line 8
(Queen's) Royal West Surrey Regiment
CastletonR4471PrivateSeverely wounded. East of Rivaanspruit, 14 March 1901
Source: South African Field Force Casualty Roll
1st (Royal) Dragoons
CastletonR J4471PrivateQSA (3). Severe Wound, east of Rivaanspt, 14 Mar 01.
Source: QSA medal rolls
1st (Royal) Dragoons
CastletonW H1086SapperQSA (3) CC SA01 SA02

TNA ref 158/74; 158/87
Royal Engineers, Fortress Company, 46th
CastletoneH2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
East Surrey Regiment
CastletownLordLt ColBernard Edward Barnaby Fitzpatrick was born in July 1848 and was educated at Eton and Brasenose College, Oxford. Having then made a grand tour of the continent, he served as an observer and ambulance worker in the Franco-Prussian War. "During the time I was in France I saw a good deal of the actual fighting, including the termination of the battle of Gravelotte and the deep road where the Germans made their great sacrifice of life, and I also watched the retreat of the French at Sedan ... The poor dead, half-burnt by the conflagration, were lying in all directions, and the wretched French prisoners were being collected by the Bavarians ... I was sent to work at a typhus and typhoid hospital for some time - a very unpleasant experience." (Ego refers).

Commissioned in the 1st Life Guards on his return from France, Fitzpatrick resigned his commission on getting married in April 1874, but maintained his military links with an appointment as a Captain in the City of Cork Artillery Militia from 1875-77 and in the Royal East Kent Yeomanry, in which latter capacity he gained attachment to his old regiment, the 1st Life Guards, during the Egypt operations of 1882, including the battles of Kassassin and Tel-el-Kebir (Medal & clasp; Khedive's Star): and surely a uniquely named award to the Royal East Kent Yeomanry. Of Tel-el-Kebir, Fitzpatrick later wrote: "A little before dawn one gun was fired from the works, and then the whole sky was lit up as gun after gun was fired from both sides, and the rattle of rifle fire was overwhelming. It seemed to last only a short time; then dawn came, and one of the first things I could distinguish was the head of a soldier lying on the ground at my horse's feet; how it came there I have no idea, but there it was. We advanced at a trot, shells whistling about us, but I do not think we had any casualties. As the dawn grew stronger, I saw Indian lancers galloping all over the place, and spitting unfortunate Egyptians with their lances. At last the firing ceased, and we worked up to the entrenchments and dismounted. I walked into the redoubt nearest to us and realised what a strong place it was. There has been severe fighting; some of the Soudanese had fought to the end, and men were lying wounded and dead in all directions ... We had our lunch by the canal, and I wandered into the low bush which fringed it. Bang! went a rifle and I heard a bullet whistle past my head; I fired at the spot from whence the shot had come, and dropped to the ground to await events. As nothing further happened, I cautiously worked my way through the bush, and found I had shot an Egyptian soldier. He was badly wounded, poor chap, and I did what I could for him and got him water; he was a brave fellow as he never whimpered or groaned. As I sat by him he motioned with his hand to his breast pocket, which he could not reach. I felt in the pocket and pulled out a small paper Koran, and handed it to him. He read it carefully, and after a few minutes turned on his side and died" (Ego refers).

Later still, in the Boer War, and having been appointed a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 4th Battalion, Leinster Regiment, he served as Assistant Adjutant-General on Lord Roberts' staff, and was awarded the C.M.G. Never one to be found behind a desk for too long, Fitzpatrick made it his business to go out on intelligence gathering patrols, and to share in the dangers of other offensive operations.
Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadia
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